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Our Team: Ann M. Alves

Ann M. Alves

Ann M. Alves is an empowerment coach and clinical social worker licensed in the state of New Jersey with a masters degree in social work from New York University. Ann is also a level II Shamanic Reiki practitioner, initiated into the Usui Lineage and is currently working on Emotion Code certification, a modality used to release trapped emotions stored in the body from past traumas. Ann has studied Shamanism and a variety of plant medicines with Amazonian lineages and is fully aware of their potential healing benefits especially when combined with on-going professional support.

Ann has 10+ years of clinical experience working with teens and adults struggling with a wide range of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, trauma, PTSD, addiction and issues related to work, relationships, family and spiritual development. She offers support and coaching services remotely and in-person to teens and adults who are ready to gain insight into who they truly are and how to reach their fullest potential. Her approach is about integration which is “the process of combining multiple parts into a harmonious whole.” She helps clients to solidify a deeper understanding of themselves and integrate past experiences with self-love and acceptance. She also provides guidance to those using plant medicines, in unraveling and finding relevant ways of integrating psychedelic experiences into their lives. Ann uses a combination of therapeutic modalities, energy work and shamanic practices to help individuals work through the things that are not serving them in order to be fully present and heart-centered to create a life they love.