OM Jungle Medicine

Ann M. Alves
LCSW (Master of Social Work, New York University)
Psychedelic Integration Coach & Therapeutic Guide

Ann M. Alves

Offering heart-led therapeutic guidance, plant medicine journey preparation, integration and energy clearing that’s rooted in indigenous wisdom and creative expression. 

In addition to over ten years of clinical experience as a licensed clinical social worker, helping adults and adolescents navigate challenges around depression, anxiety, trauma and addiction, I bring in a breath of spiritual experience to help you discover and connect with your true essence – your inner light. 

My personal development journey has taken me on a path of self-discovery, exploration, and healing. I have delved into various spiritual practices, alternative healing modalities, and introspective techniques to uncover the layers of my own being. Along this transformative journey, I’ve had the privilege of learning from indigenous lineages, particularly the Yawanawa people from the Amazon in Brazil, who generously shared their ancestral wisdom, rituals, and sacred medicines.


By integrating the wisdom of traditional education, personal development, shamanic practices and plant medicines, I bring together all of my learnings, experiences, and acquired skills to guide and empower others on their personal healing journeys by offering a holistic approach to healing and personal transformation. 

Unlike traditional talk therapy, our sessions may incorporate techniques and practices using voice, sound, touch, movement, mindfulness and beyond. I believe that true healing comes from knowing yourself, being yourself and loving yourself without any judgment.

No matter where you are on your journey, I’m here to support you every step of the way. 

Together, we can:

  • Prepare for plant medicine ceremonies; discuss diet, explore intentions and useful techniques to help throughout your journey
  • Unravel psychedelic experiences and determine ways to integrate the lessons into your life for lasting, meaningful change
  • Engage in therapeutic interventions to navigate mental health challenges and other obstacles in your life
  • Process emotions, shift limiting beliefs, develop healthier coping skills and nurture your innate gifts to rise above life’s challenges 
  • Identify and release “heart wall” emotions that are hindering love from flowing freely in and out of your heart and impeding your growth; using muscle testing & affirmations
  • Find gratitude and compassion for the ways that these emotions and experiences molded you into who you are 
  • Develop new self-care routines and spiritual practices to help you thrive daily
  • Unveil your brilliant inner light through self exploration

See how much brighter everything within and around you can shine when we let the mind take a much needed rest as we explore and release what’s within the depths of your heart. Together, let’s discover how you can embody who you are and who you holistically want to become.

“You are the medicine.” – Maria Sabina