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Cofan Tribe Yagé Weekend

July 12 - July 14

Join us for a weekend of deep healing, spiritual awakening, and connection as we gather together to partake in the sacred ceremonies of Yagé.

As you prepare to embark on this profound experience with us, may you open your heart and mind to the wisdom and guidance that Yagé has to offer.

Who are we?


We are a team of people whose mission is to assist in the healing of the bodies and hearts of all the friends that visit us, in addition to guiding different communities to organize sustainable eco-villages with the advice of the indigenous elders of the Sierra Nevada and the Putumayo jungle.

Our motivation in sharing sacred plant medicine retreats is not only to share the medicine on its own, but also to share the meaning and traditional uses within the culture that has maintained its practices ancestrally. Our ceremonies are planned to bring quality experiences where people can feel their being completely, heal the body and nourish their souls.

We want to plant good seeds so every participant feels more connected and closer to their inner purpose.

The most important thing is that you take away truly profound and important experiences for your life, and in this, you feel supported at all times by qualified personnel with extensive experience in this work.

Meet your facilitators:

Taita Javier Alfonso

Taita Javier Alfonso Lucitante belongs to the Cofan community of Santa Rosa de Sucumbios, Putumayo, Colombia, is 46 years old and is a traditional doctor from an ancient lineage.

Taita Javier grows his own plants for medicine preparation, and he cooks and shares yage with much love. He maintains as a guiding principles, to respect the order of life and be centered in love while helping others to heal the body, heart and spirit. He teaches about many types of remedies to heal different physical and energetic illnesses, as there are many secrets applicable in daily life to solve addictions and other ailments.

These are times to reveal the mysteries, so it is time to share authentic wisdom seeds with love and devotion with the people that want to learn. We want to spread seeds of traditional wisdom so those that visit us can take those seeds and share with others in their hearts.

He began to drink yage from birth, as his grandmother and father were also very wise taitas, his whole life is of experience in the proper and traditional use of medicine, which he has inherited from his ancestors, the ancestral knowledge of yage medicine and jungle plants for the healing of diseases of the body and soul.

Taita Javier is compadre of Taita Querubín, they live in the same community, where the father of Taita Javier was one of the greatest wise Taita Guillermo Lucitante, and so in his father, Taita Elias Lucitante, Taita Javier is a wise man of the root of medicine that has been ordering the good use of this.

Richard Lucitante ( Son of Javier)

Richard is a medicine musician since before he was born, he has grown up all his life observing medicine, its uses, customs and other forms of sharing, so he has in his blood the Yagé medicine, music and the joy of sharing with love a good message.

Carlos Esteban Rojas Rondón

Assistant to the Taita and apprentice for approximately 10 years of traditional indigenous medicines of South America. Guide specialized in healing of physical and energetic diseases through the use of jungle plants and dietary recommendations based on traditional remedies and indigenous healing.

He has had the privilege of being born and raised in the mountains of the Venezuelan Andes, in a family full of love surrounded by nature, plants and kindness. He has also lived while apprenticing for several years with wise men from communities in the Putumayo jungle in Colombia and Mapuches in Patagonia, Chile, as well as with wise Koguis and Wiwas from the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Colombia.

In the course of these apprenticeships, he has learned that in order to transit the path of shadows, we must work with the land, learn and follow nature’s cycles and we must care for what our elders teach us. These are the guiding lights that teach us to balance dark and light and that the purest medicine is sincerity with oneself.


– 2 Sacred Yagé Ceremonies
– Live Medicine Music
– Word circle/mambeaderos (Pre-Integration)
– Integration Circle
– Swimming Pool
– All Farm To Table Meals By Conscious Chef
– Resting Space in The Maloca
– Optional-Pod in shared room for 35$
*Separate female and male accommodations

You can upgrade to semiprivate/private room for additional cost

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July 12
July 14


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