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When pain transforms into love, healing is happening

Our Values



Our workshops and practices are held under the guidance and care of experienced and authentic healers and facilitators with a long lineage of decades of combined experience holding space and doing healing work.

Devoted Care

Our events are intimate with a maximum occupancy of 30 people. We provide individual attention and support during your profound experience of awakening your higher consciousness. Most importantly we help you integrate your experiences after every ceremony.

Vibrant Food

While our cherished land provides us with some amazing fruits, all of our wholesome food ingredients make their way from local farms. Our nourishing meals are of the highest quality prepared by our top notch conscious chef with over 10 years experience specializing in plant based and dieta cuisines.

Our Mission

OM Jungle Medicine is not only about physical healing. We go deeper to heal your spiritual trauma that you have been carrying. Plant medicine, such as ayahuasca, allows you to heal these aspects of yourself and allows you to let go of the psychological baggage that is not yours to carry. At our Costa Rica ayahuasca space, we invite tribes from Brazil, Peru, and Colombia to practice ancestral traditions and share their knowledge and gift with us.

We help you to embrace your authentic self and find that missing piece. Break the conditioning of what you have been told and how you perceived yourself in your past experiences.

Tribes and Facilitators

OM Jungle Medicine offers you a sacred space with ancient healing techniques and healing modalities based on authentic experiences. The healing practices are offered in the ancient ceremonial traditions. The workshops and practices are led by conscious facilitators and instructors.

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Our Healing Ceremonies

OM Jungle Medicine brings you a safe and comfortable space, unconditional love, proven ancient healing techniques and several healing modalities that allow your soul to choose your perfect path. Plant medicine such as Ayahuasca is a powerful teacher that opens you up to experience insights and healing. 

The modalities of healing:

  •       Breath Work
  •       Self Development Workshops
  •       Sound Healing
  •       Energy Healing Workshops
  •       Ancestral Healing Practices

All of them join energy forces to bring you healing in the most sacred way. No matter what healing path you choose, it is the right path.

What People Say About OM Jungle Medicine

jenni levine
jenni levine
Ayahuaska was my last hope to heal a great imbalance in the body. Despite using all kinds of practice and helpers over a period of 10 yrs ,and at great cost, I was still sick. . I don’t think I would have gone to OM but my daughter returned from a week long retreat there as a new woman , no longer in a constant state of stress and pain. She came back relaxed , connected to nature , soft and kind and our relationship became a joy .I looked at the website and saw the jungle and beauty of the OM retreat site ,the swimming pool, organic food and cosy beds , hot showers . Care in every detail is the way it is .I am 61 and felt intrepid to make such a journey from U.K. but my heart saw the change in Zameen and hope grew in me for my physical body to recover . I also wanted to meet these people and say thank you for such healing to the family , for if one person in a family grows light then all the others benefit. The experience here is so safe , such exquisite care, I cannot recommend it enough. The medicine is mysterious beyond words, healing fits your needs and is shaped also by your intentions and integration.The medicine brought me into great presence and gratitude ,a sense of awakening and being born anew. It is a profound space, ceremony, and the greatest honour to be offered it from these people of greatest integrity and purity . I qualified as a doctor in my 20’s and have spent the decades since then researching many healing modalities and great teachers . This plant medicine comes direct from Source , it is quite unlike anything else I have encountered , it is just the greatest privilege to have an opportunity to heal with these people. Everyone has a different journey , and each ceremony is unique in the way you respond. This is a great gift to humanity , this offering from the Shanenawa tribe. Feel in the centre of your chest , the heart chakra , it will speak to you of it’s desire to go if it is meant to be so . A matter of Great Spirit calling . My daughter said it is hard to express in words , you have to experience it to understand how blessed we are to have this. SHAVA SHAVA is a praise we said often , sometimes with a laugh, a whisper a shout , again and again Shiva Shiva ! This is a sacred word that means peace , gratitude , clarity . Throughout ceremony we are led by music which connects so deeply to you, I have never ever experienced sound like this before . The earth beat of drums , guitar stings vibrating like the first drops of rain or like a tornado , a game ! Such playful music that touches us all , brings us what we need in each unfolding moment .It lifts you up into great joy and lays you down to rest and is like a mother holding you as intensities of healing unfold . Each song is a prayer or different intention and there are so many songs all through the night until dawn . We are invited to join in , to dance and to sing whenever we wish , the dance was so healing for me , the best dance of my life . Healing takes so many shapes .You may have dream like visions , or none , perhaps many sensation in the body , guiding voices , penetrating thoughts .Perhaps insights untying trauma knots from the past . Have no expectations but spend time in contemplation and preparation so you know your questing and intention. I found every such dialogue within myself was attended to by the medicine , extraordinary. I had a strong sense of the work was done and my last day was to praise in song and dance and go gently and rest . Throughout the journey our Shaman ,Mana , joined by his wife Janaina speaks great wisdom and words of love , giving us guiding principals and allowing Source to speak through him . They both speak and lead us and take care . A person in suffering may be prayed over or given a treatment or helped to walk , there is always great kindness and awareness in the care that is offered . SHAVA SHAVA
Clara Carrasco Lopez
Clara Carrasco Lopez
Om Jungle is a high quality place to do internal work. Beautiful mountain tops, swimming pool and excellent food. Angle and her team do a great job to take care of each guest.
Ryan Andersen
Ryan Andersen
OM Jungle is such an amazing place. It is obvious this was created out of love to provide a healing journey. I have participated in multiple events here and will keep going back. Angel is a real life “Angel” everything was created with perfect intention and the soul in heart.
Tertulia Templaria
Tertulia Templaria
The place is nested in the soft montains of Guanacaste with a view that will Inspire You! Facilitator was Amazing and with Great Love and Respect for what she was doing. Accomodations clean and confortable, Food very nice, diverse and tasty. Angel and Greg, the owners of the space are really Present and really bring even more Magic to the Place. Highly Reccomend for going deeper into the Natural Medicines!
greg twedt
greg twedt
A beautiful place to relax and heal. I personally experienced an inner transformation here. The hosts genuinely care for their guests and love what they are doing here. The land and facilities are top notch
Zameen Kaur
Zameen Kaur
Such a beautiful healing space Angel, Greg and the team have created. Such respect for nature, tradition and the medicine. Delightful healing soul food. True healers and magic healing. ❤️ Thank you for everything always
Libby Sterling
Libby Sterling
Review After years of trying to heal from various physical/mental/spiritual ailments, I felt like I was near a dead end, but I was inspired by Angel’s story so I dove in to experience what OM had to offer. I’m writing this about 2 weeks after returning home, and I feel like a complete person for the first time in my memory. At OM, I witnessed years of stored negative emotion get released from my body and I have now regained the capacity to exist and to fully absorb all the goodness of life. Best of all, I seem to now have the capacity to give to others rather than existing in a self-centered survival mode as was the case with my PTSD. Angel and her team walked us through every step of the process with gentleness and love, offering additional support whenever I needed it. They really thought of everything when designing this experience. I arrived at OM a total insomniac mess and left by the end of the week able to sleep on my own again and looking forward to the next time I can return. The facilities are fantastic and comfortable, surrounded by the organic farm and peace of the natural environment. Great food, great coffee, great people, great experiences.
Jekaterina Ratobilska
Jekaterina Ratobilska
Amazing place, very peaceful and one in life time experience!
Viktorija Zenkova
Viktorija Zenkova
Pristine natures space in the mountains of the World’s Blue Zone. Authentic plant medicines and facilitators. Grateful for this special and sacred space and the medicines of nature!

Upcoming Events & Ceremonies

Grandmother Medicine Ceremony with Pablo
November 10, 2023-November 12, 2023
Shanenawá Tribe Jungle Retreat
December 15, 2023-December 21, 2023
Yagé Grandmother Weekend Ceremony
November 17, 2023-November 19, 2023
Yagé Grandmother Week-long Ceremony
November 23, 2023-November 29, 2023
Yagé Grandmother Weekend Ceremony
December 1, 2023-December 3, 2023

Pay it forward

Support OM Jungle’s mission to keep medicine accessible. This is an opportunity to pay it forward to our scholarship program allowing us to invite people being called to medicine without the means. And if you feel called and don’t have the means right now, send us a message through our contact form telling us your why. One person can attend a weekend ceremony for every $535 paid forward, that includes medicine, meals and accommodations. Our goal is to help 6 people per month to receive medicine.

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