Yes you must be off of antidepressants when working with plant medicine, we can help you make a plan to embark on the detox part of your journey

You fly into Liberia

There are many different forms of purging
All are perfect , one is not better than the rest

Each Ceremony has a specific diet , depending on tradition and medicine

Cancellation Policy

CANCELATION POLICY for week-long events:

Please note that we take your stay seriously and a lot of planning and administrative work is involved in organizing your unforgettable stay here. We take pride in what we do! 

We cater to private/ private small groups international clients who book a few months ahead of time and thus when you reserve the dates for your stay, we have to turn down other clients who are interested in the same dates.

Due to these reasons, we require a:

– 50% non- refundable initial deposit paid in order to hold a spot and/or accommodation 

– The remainder 50% is to be paid at check-in time, paid in cash

We understand life happens, so if you must reschedule we will gladly transfer your initial deposit towards future stay at OM Jungle Medicine which must be used within 1 (one) year from the date of requested cancelation. 

* If you are unable to use your deposit within a year for any reason and would like to transfer it to a friend or family member. We are happy to accommodate this change at no extra cost, however, the person attending must be medically and physically fit for their stay with us. Please contact Angel for more information.

– The transfer is ONLY applicable to requests made 7 days or MORE prior to the scheduled event date. ANY requests that are submitted 7 days or less prior to the check in date are NON refundable and NON transferrable and the full amount will be required to be paid. 

– The refunded amount will be processed  by our finance department, please note due to Costa Rican banking system, the refund may take up to 45 days to receive. Once we process the refund we will send you reference code that you can use with your bank to follow up on the status of the refund.

– Refund is payable electronically (minus any banking fees accrued).

– Non-refundable payments (minus the administration fee) will be invested into our reciprocity initiative including our scholarship programs.

– All cancelations or requests to reschedule  MUST be done via email: NO OTHER form of cancelation will be accepted.

Our highest priority is your safety and well being while you are visiting us, we do a very thorough intake before and during the interviewing process, however, if ANYTHING changes with your criminal or medical status (new diagnosis, hospitalizations, surgeries, new medications/supplements) please reach out to us and be honest with us and we will work with you to make sure you are still a good fit for this healing journey. We will also work with you to reschedule your stay (if need be) at no additional cost to you. 

We reserve the right to cancel your stay if we do not have complete information that may interfere with your and/or our safety. 

Our cancellation policy is firm therefore please do NOT make any travel arrangements until you receive your registration confirmation from OM Jungle Medicine screening staff.

We do not provide health or medical insurance, we strongly recommend ANYONE traveling outside their country to purchase a medical insurance in the country of residence.