OM Jungle Medicine

OM Jungle Medicine

Costa Rica Plant Medicine Team

Our OM Jungle family is a select group of experienced spiritual warriors. Each one of our family members offers a unique experience to our Costa Rica plant medicine retreats and works with pure love and intention. 

We came together in such a magical way to create a magical Costa Rica plant medicine retreat that is guided and co created by the universe.

Veronika was the first friend Angel met in Samara, Costa Rica. Connected together within 24 hours this was the universal plan for us to be connected and be put in motion. 

Just like Angel, Veronika was also diagnosed with M.S. and was a nurse from Canada. She had healed herself through natural medicine and moved back to Costa Rica with her family within a few months. 

Soon Veronika joined our medicine journey and is currently studying with the medicine of Kambo and soon will be sharing the Medicine.

Victoria is the guardian of our OM Jungle. With her expertise in Costa Rica plant medicine she has worked hard to create sacred tinctures for wellness from our medicinal garden at OM.

Katerina is not only an amazing chef who is trained and ran her own kitchen in Toronto and has also become a dear sister in plant medicine. Katerina focuses on healthy creative food that nourishes your body and soul during your stay at OM, consciously planning every meal with a close to zero waste policy using only the freshest whole foods possible.

Ann, is so much more than a licensed therapist but an incredible sister, friend, and medicine woman. Ann has traveled with the Yawanawa Tribe as their translator and been to their village in Brazil. She understands the process of integration, as she’s walked this path alongside our guests. 

For more information about each one of OM’s Costa Rica plant medicine team at OM check out below!

Integration Coach

Angel Twedt


Beating multiple sclerosis, blindness and immobility she knows exactly what "Hitting rock bottom" is. Integration and meditation are her core practices.

Ann M. Alves

Ann M. Alves

Psychedelic Integration Coach & Therapeutic Guide

Offering heart-led therapeutic guidance, plant medicine journey preparation, integration and energy clearing that’s rooted in indigenous wisdom and creative expression.


conscious chef

Being on a spiritual path of her own, she believes that food is about the experience. She ensures every bite of your gourmet meal is satisfyingly delicious & nutritious.

Veronika Soares



Convinced that everyone with autoimmune disorders can have an abundance of energy and be in control of their weight through wholesome nutritious food.

Viktorija Ceremony Helper


Herbalist & Ceremony Helper

Holistic medicine woman, herbalist , guardian of the land and dedicated helper in medicinal ceremonies.