Manouche, originally from Belgium and now residing in Latin America for over a decade, is a Shamanic Reiki Grand Master trained in Peru’s Usui – Intichurin lineage. Drawing wisdom from Amazonian, Andean, and Red Path traditions, she created her holistic healing endeavor, Satya Medicina Natural. Through energy work, natural remedies, sacred plants, angelic singing and sound healing, Manouche facilitates ceremonies, training, and therapies, aiming to empower individuals in their healing and awakening journeys while staying true to ancient wisdom and Mother Earth’s teachings.


Veronika Soares is a Registered Nurse, Holistic Nutritionist, and provider of Kambo and Breathwork therapies. Her journey began with a passion for helping others, leading her to nursing. However, a diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis in 2009 shifted her focus towards holistic healing. In exploring nutrition and sacred plant medicine, she found her path back to health. Fascinated by the healing potential of Kambo, she delved deep into its study and application, developing gentle protocols tailored to individual needs. Drawing from her Western medical background, she blends traditional and natural approaches to wellness. Later, she discovered the transformative power of Breathwork, utilizing various techniques to enhance clarity, relaxation, and self-awareness. With a belief in the innate healing capacity of the human body, Veronika emphasizes the importance of breath as a conduit for life energy. Whether addressing anxiety or seeking clarity, her integrated approach aims to guide clients towards holistic well-being, harnessing the synergy between mind, body, and breath.


The Shanenawa people, residing along the Envira River in Feijó, Acre since 1940, consist of 1500 indigenous individuals across 11 villages. Revered as “Doctors of the Forest,” they possess extensive knowledge of medicinal herbs and forest medicine. Cacique Maná, a young leader from the Kene Merá Village, holds a degree in Letters, teaches in the village, and has authored a book in their traditional language to document the history, local medicines, and culture. After 16 years of learning from village elders, Maná became a Pajé, a custodian of sacred medicines. He is on a mission to spread Shanenawá indigenous wisdom globally while raising funds to repair the damage caused by a 2021 flood in his community, emphasizing collective decision-making and quality of life.


Originally from Venezuela and currently residing in Costa Rica, Pablo is a revered medicine man and the founder of Yawarapunon, a Venezuelan governmental organization dedicated to preserving Piaroa medicines, customs, and life. With extensive experience in medicine and sacred ceremonies, Pablo leads healing journeys and consciousness-expanding experiences alongside his medicine team, using prayers and chants. His ceremonies are characterized by love and include personalized 1-1 healings, inviting participants to a transformative self-discovery journey.

Marie-Lou Anké

Marie-Lou and Anké are dedicated students of Peruvian medicine, known for their authenticity and non-indigenous approach. They undertake deep dietas in the Amazon with their teacher twice a year, having over two decades of experience with plant medicine. By channeling Icaros from plants they diet, they blend Western psychology with Amazonian traditions, offering transformational experiences through integration sessions for a unique and profound journey.