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Majestic Spiritual Retreat in Costa Rica - OM Jungle

Welcome to om Jungle medicine, the place where nature helps us to connect to our highest self. Where the magic lives in the roots of its trees, and monkeys become your new alarm clocks. OM is set in 17 hectares of mountainous jungles in Costa Rica above the clouds and connected to all of nature. Plant medicine Costa Rica is a way of life among us and enriches our bodies & souls. We have hundreds of trees that provide medicine, nourish, and heal us.

This majestic area was meticulously sought out and became home to OM Jungle with the vision of what it has become today. With an abundance of flora, fauna, and spectacular views, this location is unlike any spiritual retreat in Costa Rica! We offer:

Beautiful shared but private accommodations

Our shared rooms were designed to give you a sense of privacy with our enclosed pods

While staying connected to your new soul family. Our rooms have space for gathering and connecting, hotel quality mattresses and white cotton linens, hot showers and lockers to keep your valuables in.

Pool and outdoor dining with heavenly views

Our beautiful dining area is a place to gather, eat, play, swim, all while taking in majestic views of the mountains.

A traditional maloka (temple) & fire pit

The Maloka was built in ceremony , crystals and tobacco were planted beneath the floor in deep prayer. This is the temple where some  of our deepest healing work is done. It is in this space that we come together in our vulnerability and our truth to discover our deepest connection to self.

ancestral medicine ceremony

Traditional Temazcal

Our temazcal was also built in a week-long ceremony by our  medicine man and team.. Every piece of bamboo was  placed with care and intention.

Coffee Plantation

OM produces another type of medicine, this medicine is coffee, grown organically with love and care.


Om also has an organic and medicinal garden that supplies us with the ingredients to make our own tinctures and potions created by our resident medicine woman and apprentice. Find out more about plant medicine Costa Rica with our family.

We offer you ancestral wisdom, powerful tools, effective practices, and attentive support and integration with these.

Let go of everything that no longer serves your highest good.

We are building a worldwide conscious community coming together collectively to heal, grow and evolve.