OM Jungle - Spiritual Healing Retreat in Costa Rica & So Much More.

At OM Jungle Medicine, while walking our personal spiritual path, we are here to provide a compassionate and all-loving safe space to assist our guests in the most transformational inner healing experience possible. We help everyone go deep into the root of all personal imbalances to get the insights for a successful and abundant life.

We are here to provide a safe authentic experience with facilitators that walk this path and are committed to healing humanity and tools for integration upon returning to daily life.

Our commitment is to empower our guests with these five essentials that they can take back home with them from our Healing retreat in Costa Rica.

  • One of the most life-changing experiences
  • Release of past experiences that don’t serve you
  • Deeper connection with true self and the World
  • Personal insights and support for a successful integration
  • Compassion and respect for all
  • We are not just a medicine center, we are a community, come find your tribe

 No matter where you’ve been, what you’ve done, we will see you, we will embrace you. You will have a family with us at OM Jungle. 

Our Story

How OM Jungle Became a Spiritual Healing Retreat in Costa Rica

Years ago, Angel was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and, after years of battling the debilitating disease, Angel was facing a relapse. She was out of options. There was so much hopelessness surrounding the impending fate, but Angel turned this hopelessness into determination. She refused to accept the fate of a full-time wheelchair. While sitting on the beach of Costa Rica, watching her husband and daughter play in the ocean, Angel started researching physical healing.

Angel found the master plants by accident; she initially started searching for a meditation group or a spiritual group. Unfortunately or fortunately, each time she ran across one that looked of interest, she quickly realized her mobility limitations hindered her from joining these groups & activities. Angel felt a wave of sadness and determination hit her hard.

After finding a healing retreat in Costa Rica and making the decision to sit with the medicine, Angel realized she still had a long road ahead. Angel was required to detox off all 5 of her medications before she could ever consider sitting with the healing circle. Over several months, Angel endured severe withdrawal effects. The physical pain placed doubt in Angel’s mind, constantly causing her to second-guess her decision. Looking back, Angel feels this was one of the most difficult parts of her journey.

The only way Angel was able to navigate this tough time in her life was with the loving support of her family, the support of her medical staff, breathwork and meditation. Angel often found herself in meditation and breathwork ALL DAY, as it was the only thing that offered her relief from the mental and physical pain of detox. After a long hard few months, Angel was finally cleared of her medications. The Ancestral healing was feeling near and Angel was confident enough to book her healing retreat in Costa Rica.

Angel had miraculous healing! After a full week of sitting with the healing circle in Costa Rica, she was able to see out of her left eye and walk without a cane.

Angel is often asked, WHY YOU?
She replies: “I had no doubt, I went in to be healed and that was the only option for me.”

During this life-changing, week-long ceremony, Angel was gifted the vision of Om Jungle Medicine. Angel committed to herself and spirit, to follow this vision, with full trust. Angel headed back to Canada and WALKED back into the arms of her supportive family. This was the first time they had seen her walk in quite some time. They too were now believers. Angel and her family sold everything in Canada and moved to Costa Rica; with only her vision and courage in hand.

Angel followed the spirit’s guidance; landed in Playas del Coco, and started building a community and holding space for ceremonies. Relationships started blossoming and communities started growing. The vision of OM Jungle Medicine was becoming a reality.

Angel’s dedication and guidance comes directly from spirit. Angel believes spirit is always co-creating her best life, even when it may not make sense. It has already happened in the 5th dimension and we are just here, walking it out. This is the key to manifestation; it has to be so real to you that you are actually living it RIGHT NOW!

Angel feels so blessed that spirit directed her to Coco, where she was able to meet beautiful souls who make OM the magical place it is today. Community is a large part of the healing process; as well as integration. The people who surround OM are committed to the healing of the planet.