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Kambo Reset Retreat

April 29 - May 1


Kambo is the secretions that come from Amazonian the Giant Green Tree Monkey Frog that contain bioavailable peptides. It is a unique and potent secretion that is a powerful purgative cocktail that cleanses the body of toxins on a cellular level allowing all systems to fully reset. In the jungle, Kambo secretions are known as “Vacuna de Floresta” (vaccine of the forest) because of its unique and powerful dose of highly complex chemical cocktail of Bioactive Peptides found within. It is one of the strongest NATURAL ways to strengthen the immune system and the most potent natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances found in the world. Kambo is completely legal almost entirely across the world.

Energetic and Spiritual Benefits of Kambo:

– A deeper connection to self
– Cleanse, reset and realign your entire body of being
– Clear negative energies and your energetic field
– Open your heart and feel more interconnected
– Overcome blockages in life
– Removal of Panama (dark or negative energies) and bad luck
– Removal of ancestral patterns
And much, much more

According to medical research, Kambo is believed to be able to help with:

– Autoimmune conditions
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Chronic pain, fatigue and inflammation
– Thyroid balance
– Cancer
– Parkinson’s disease
– Alzheimer’s
– Mood disorders such as depression and anxiety
– Herpes and STDs
– Digestive disorders and candida
– Fertility, hormonal imbalances, and menstrual cycle issues
– Vascular problems
– Hepatitis
– Lymes disease
– Diabetes
– Rheumatism
– Arthritis
– Trauma
– Addictions
– Viruses

Meet your facilitator:

Veronika brings together Western Medicine, spirituality and holistic approach to health together. She has been working as a Registered nurse in a variety of settings since 2008, in 2015 she graduated from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition where she studied Holistic Nutrition and in 2022 she embarked on a personal journey to study the magic of Kambo peptides and how they can assist the body with healing.

She studied Kambo for a year with a teacher who has been serving and teaching Kambo for over 20 years. Although she has been serving Kambo to clients on her own for over a year she believes that there is always room for growth and expansion and thus she is in constant contact with her Kambo teacher where she learns different ways of Kambo application for specific medical conditions so this knowledge can be brought to the clients seeking treatment.

Through her work experience and various areas of knowledge, she understands anatomy and physiology of the body and able to provide a safe environment while allowing the body to absorb the peptides from Kambo frog in order for the body to have all the necessary elements to start the healing process.

Experiencing Kambo for the first time could be an anxious/stressful decision, Veronika’s experience and knowledge allows people to feel safe and well taken care of during the ceremony.


– 3 x Kambo Sessions
– 3 x Sananga Offerings
– 2 x Integration Sessions
– Fire ceremony/Sharing Circle
– Swimming Pool
– All Farm To Table Meals By Conscious Chef
– Meals are designed by a Holistic Nutritionist for an even deeper detox and reset.
– Shared Accommodations
*Separate female and male accommodations

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April 29
May 1


OM Jungle Medicine
506 8885 3877