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Life Force Activation

April 6

Meet your KAP facilitator:

As a Kundalini Activation Process (KAP) facilitator, I’m here to guide you through an experience that taps into this profound source. I’m Anne Ferris, and I hold sessions to help people connect with this powerful energy here in the vibrant heart of Costa Rica.

You know that spark inside you, the one that fuels your passion, creativity, and zest for life? That’s your Kundalini, your life force energy. It’s not just any energy; it’s the very essence of creation and life itself—the primal force that’s been with you since the moment you came into being.

In every KAP session, we aim to awaken this dormant energy gently. It’s a 60-minute journey of energy transmission, where your only role is to lie down, close your eyes, and open yourself up to the experience. Think of it as an invitation to surrender to the life force that’s already within you, allowing it to awaken and revitalize your entire being—mind, body, and soul.

Before we dive into the transmission, we prepare with a demonstration and a calming meditation. Then, as you relax and receive, the Kundalini energy begins to stir, potentially bringing forth spontaneous movements and a rush of sensations as it seeks to clear any blockages and balance your inner self. Following the session, we gather to share and process and integrate the experience.

The transformation is tangible—a catharsis, a rewiring of your nervous system.

Side effects of KAP may include:

• Illuminating flashes of insight.
• An intuition that sings and comes to life as your third eye open.
• A clarity, resolve, and zest that propel you forward.
• An ability to feel more, to love more fiercely, to embrace life fully.
• States of consciousness that transcend the ordinary, touching the divine.
• Connecting to deep insights or realizations.
• Enhanced determination and motivation.
• A connection to your inner knowing and deeper connection to yourself and world around you.
• A profound opening of your heart chakra.
• Feelings of bliss and ecstasy.
• An experience of non-dual states of consciousness or oneness.

Kundalini is about more than just feeling awake; it’s about awakening to a fuller expression of who you are and the life you’re meant to lead. It’s the energy that supports you in creating, evolving, and simply being.
So if you’re ready to explore what it means to harness the energy that’s at the very core of creation, join me. Let’s awaken your Kundalini together and embrace the vibrancy of life in its fullest.

Meet your Breathwork facilitator:

My name is Veronika Soares, I am a Registered Nurse, Holistic Nutritionist and Breathwork facilitator. I have always been involved in a field of health in one way or another, the limitless abilities of the human body has always fainated me. When I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in 2009, I KNEW with my whole being that I can heal my body.

Through nutrition, a variety of spiritual practices, sacred medicines and a lot of internal work my body found the way to heal itself. This tough but very beautiful journey led me to study Kambo, and while I was in Kambo ceremony I had a very strong message to study breathwork on a deeper level.

I use a combination of different breathwork patterns/techniques to give you the best and needed experience.

My breathwork sessions typically start with a grounding meditation, followed by 3 to 4 cycles of a certain breath pattern with breath hold in between, and when we are done the hard work, we complete the session by allowing our minds to drift off into a peaceful meditation. While we are doing the working part of the breathwork session, it is common to experience changes in body temperatures, tingling sensation, tatany ( usually in the hands), release of emotions through laughter, crying or other sounds.

At the end of the session, clients often tell me that they wanted to stay in the “bliss” forever. It is common to have visions, receive messages or clarity, feel euphoria.

Whether you are looking to manage your anxiety, get clarity or simply bring yourself back to the awareness of breath – breathwork can take you there.


– KAP Session
– Breathwork Session
– Integration
– Community
– Swimming Pool
– Farm To Table Lunch By Conscious Chef

$99.00 USD

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April 6


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