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Grandmother Medicine Ceremony with Pablo

November 10 - November 12

🌿 Join Shaman Pablo on a Profound Ayahuasca Journey

Discover the transformative power of Ayahuasca under the guidance of Shaman Pablo, a dedicated healer and the visionary founder of Yawarapunon. Yawarapunon is a governmental organization committed to preserving the invaluable medicines, cherished customs, and vibrant life of the Piaroa people in Venezuela, South America.

🌍 Shaman Pablo’s Dedication

With a remarkable journey, Shaman Pablo has immersed himself in the world of ancient medicine and sacred ceremony. His mission goes far beyond healing; it’s about expanding consciousness and nurturing a profound awareness of one’s current and future life circumstances.

🌌 Global Healing Presence

Shaman Pablo’s reach extends across the globe as he travels extensively, touching the lives of individuals from all corners of the world. His journey carries with it the potent wisdom of plant medicines, which he harnesses to facilitate profound transformations.

🌱 What to Expect

Join us in this extraordinary ceremony led by Shaman Pablo to:

– Expand Consciousness: Tap into deeper levels of awareness.

– Discover Inner Wisdom: Unearth insights about your personal journey.

– Heal and Transform: Experience profound healing on multiple levels.

– Connect with the Sacred: Embrace the sacred traditions of the Piaroa people.

– Shape Your Future: Gain clarity on your present and future path.

🌟 An Invitation to Transformation

This is your chance to embark on a soulful voyage led by Shaman Pablo. Dive into the wisdom of ancient plant medicines, connect with your inner self, and chart a course toward personal growth and enlightenment.

🍃 Join us on this life-changing journey, and let Shaman Pablo be your guide to a world of healing and self-discovery.


November 10
November 12


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